About Auric Healing

The aura is the energy field which surrounds all life forms including the human body. This vital energy field is quite large (approximately four metres in diameter) when fully functional. In its basic form it embodies seven major layers powered through seven major energy centres called chakras and is energised by the kundalini; the storehouse of vital energy situated at the base of the spine.

Vital energy should flow naturally up the spine, some energy radiating out of each chakra, but most rising through the crown chakra at the top of the head and showering through the auric field to be reabsorbed through the chakras and returned to the kundalini. During this process, universal energy is also absorbed into the body creating a state of energy, joy and personal growth. A walk in the forest after rain or along a beach energises us by this method.

Each chakra rotates at a different rate, embodying a musical note and a colour. Symbols and crystals are also attributed to each chakra.


The seven major layers are attributed to seven states or bodies of our psyche. The inner three being physical, emotional and mental.

The AURIC FIELD surrounding the physical body:

  • 1. Physical
  • 2. Emotional
  • 3. Mental
  • 4. Relationships
  • 5. Will/Spirit
  • 6. Soul
  • 7. Devine

Co-ordination of these bodies is beneficial - a broken bone will mend faster when the patient's mental and emotional state is positive towards the good repair job achieved by the hospital staff. The outer four bodies are more spiritual, dealing with relationships, Will/spirit, soul and the divine. Here clarity and co-ordination improve personal growth building inner strengths, inner wisdom and inner peace.

There are a number of almost major energy centres (almost chakras) such as the liver and spleen. These and a vast number of minor energy points are called nardies which occur at the intersecting points of the energy lines in the auric web or aura,(see Fig 3).

Many auric fields are damaged by pollution, injury or trauma... Chakras are often blocked by negative influences or blown completely open by toxic chemicals and drugs. Rents or tears leak energy out of this system leading to fatigue. Auric healing seeks to redress this situation by restoring the natural process and balance. It is a very holistic form of healing as it works on all systems at once.


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